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Royal North Shore Hospital - Sydney

RNSH and Kolling Institute

Sydney, Australia

VAV, Dampers

2007 saw the construction of an 11 storey building in the Royal North Shore Hospital campus in Sydney. The building known as the Kolling Institute was designed to be used for specialist medical research, training, and education. It has the capacity to house up to 300 researchers and has a ground floor area of approximately 27, 500 square metres.

Celmec International supplied a large quantity of Variable Air Volume (VAV) terminal units, weighted Non-return Dampers, and Venturi Air Valves to this project to aid in internal temperature control.

VAV terminal units are responsible for varying the supply of air volume to precisely control temperatures in internal zones, Non-return Dampers aid in bacterial control and are designed to work in a laminar air flow environment between 2m/s 8m/s and a maximum static pressure of 500Pa. Used in conjunction, these units allow for energy efficient usage while maintaining comfortable temperatures indoors, across a number of stories in the building.

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