About Celmec International, evaporative cooling system, radiant heating

About Celmec International

Celmec International is a leading designer, engineer, manufacturer and supplier of HVAC equipment - air control, heating and cooling - to the commercial, industrial and construction industries.

With activities across Australasia, the UK, Europe, North America and the Middle East, we work with clients across a broad range of projects. At the heart of our philosophy is engineering and product development, which allows us to continuously improve our products and be at the forefront of our field.

Our products are branded into four groups, which are organized into two business units:

Mechanical Services
  • Air Control: VAV Terminal Units, Active Chilled Beams, Dampers
  • Heatcool: HCV Systems, WarmAir Heating, Evaporative Cooling, Water Source Heat Pumps

Commercial Building / Hospitality