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Heatray Heating Solutions

The Celmec Heatray range includes a number of heating options. To help you select the best product for your area, we have a guide in the
form of a table below. This is a rough guide only, for a detailed design and quote please contact us directly.

To use the table below you must consider whether the area is indoors or outdoors, the ceiling height (if there is a ceiling / overhead structure)
and how ventilated the space is. Note: The ceiling height indicated in the table does not mean the mounting height of the heaters, it is a guide
for the size of your space.

    Ceiling/Overhead cover, Height
    Up to 3.2m Over 3.2m No overhead coverage
Area Indoor Electric Radiant Heaters*
Electric Infrared Heaters
Outdoor Electric Radiant Heaters*
Electric Infrared Heaters
Electric Infrared Heaters
Heated Umbrellas

* Electric Radiant Heaters mount a a maximum of 2.5m off the floor