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Electric Infrared Heaters

HeatRay Infrared Heaters-Electric Series, convert "electric energy" to instant infrared radiant heat, the same as the sun's energy but without the harmful ultraviolet rays. HeatRay electric infrared heaters warm people and surrounding objects, not the air or empty spaces. Energy is not wasted trying to heat the air, there are no emissions or naked flames and no gas bottles to contend with.

The infrared heaters reach full operating temperature within seconds of activation. Operation is via individual switching, or zone control, and motion sensors are optional to ensure use only when it's needed.

The infrared heaters can be wall, ceiling or custom mounted, indoors or out. They are suitable for alfresco dining, restaurants, pubs, clubs, smoking areas, schools, warehouses and much more.

  • Instant, directional radiant heat
  • Suitable for structures such as pergolas and umbrellas
  • Ceiling or wall mounted
  • Zone control and sensors available
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Long element life and no UV

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