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Heatray Portable Patio Heaters

Heatray portable patio heaters are commercial grade, portable units. Unlike conventional "mushroom heaters" the Heatray portable patio heaters warm people and objects, which makes them a perfect heating solution for the hospitality market.

Unique to the Heatray portable unit is the upright head, which allows the units to be placed around the periphery of a space, directing inwards, rather then being placed between table and chairs. This not only saves valuable floor space, but also keeps the units out of the way for safety.

  • High performance ceramic gas burner
  • Low running costs
  • Piezo pull cord ignition
  • long running times and few bottle changes
  • Place along periphery of area, saving valuable floor space

    Other gas heaters: wall mounted Infrared Gas Heaters, or the large area coverage Gas Tube Radiant Heaters.