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Heatray Gas Tube Radiant Heaters coming soon

Heatray tube radiant gas heaters are suitable for large open areas, with very high rooflines and good ventilation, such as restaurants, pubs, hotels and warehouses. The units produce radiant energy, which warms people and surrounding objects, not the air that blows away. The units can be flued to the outside allowing for installation indoors and in areas with lower levels of ventilation.

  • AGA approval of all models.
  • Natural and LP Gas options.
  • Electronic ignition (soft start).
  • Zone control, thermostat and timers allowing cost savings.
  • Rapid rise in temperature when switched on.
  • Horizontal suspension or wall mounting.
  • Few moving parts, quiet and clean.
  • Aluminised steel tubes for long life.
  • Exhaust temp maintained above due point dry system.
  • Safety automatic safeguard system.

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